Issue #7. How can Agile support an HR Transformation

1 min readJul 27, 2021

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In this mini-series we will be exploring “What is Agile…” in different functions, and why it’s working and how you can implement today. As learned from previous ADAPTOVATE reports, Agile is now finding strong growth in industry and functions outside of software development. Last time we looked at Agile in Marketing, in this article we are considering how Agile can support a HR Transformation.

Agile HR.

We are familiar with the typical challenges HR teams face. Including:

  • Too many ​meetings and no clear decisions or actions
  • Too many silos and things get done by relationships
  • Make things complex for ourselves
  • Say “yes” to too much which compromises delivery

There are 3 areas where Agile can support a HR transformation…

  1. Use Agile ways of working in HR to do HR work (be more efficient and effective in doing HR work),
  2. Change how HR and business teams interact
  3. Change HR polices and processes to enable scaling of Agile across the business

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