Issue #04 : Design Thinking vs Agile

2 min readApr 27, 2021

April 2021

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When organisations start to look at Design Thinking and Agile implementations, there may be early confusion as to what the relationship between them is.

Don’t they both look at customer problems through the customer lens?

Yes, however one is about defining the problem/solution, and one is about optimising the solution value.

As Chris MacLeod, senior consultant in Australia says, “Design Thinking is a great tool for discovering what constitutes value to a particular customer or segment. Agile is a framework for delivering that value in a constantly iterative, and therefore more responsive way.”


At its core, Design Thinking focuses on humans first and foremost. It’s a solution-based methodology, that first looks to understand what the human need is. So, Design Thinking is about finding solutions to a certain problem(s), by truly understanding how humans work, and what they need. There are few assumptions at play.

Design Thinking isn’t a linear process either. It’s flexible and somewhat fluid. However in order for it to be implemented as a methodology there is a certain accepted phased approach that helps structure an organisations’ implementation.

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