Books recommended by our team

The Emperor of All Maladies, A Biography of Cancer.

By Siddhartha Mukherjee

“A history of cancer that leaves you feeling optimistic about the future. An easy read, detailing the many little steps of scientific progress that are being made so that we may live long and healthy lives. The importance and power of curiosity.“

Jeffrey von Drehnen
Senior Consultant

Coaching Agile Teams

By Lyssa Adkins

“This is a must for coaches who work in agile! Reading about the different roles a coach — including teacher, facilitator, mentor, and coach — has helped me to better understand when and how to use a particular style in a given situation…

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In this mini-series we will be exploring “What is Agile…” in different functions, and why it’s working and how you can implement today. As learned from previous ADAPTOVATE reports, Agile is now finding strong growth in industry and functions outside of software development. …

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Co-authored by Brigitte Odgers-Jewell and Hwee Queen Chong from ADAPTOVATE Singapore

Governments and public sector organisations work on some of the most pressing, multifaceted, and high stakes challenges in the world. The same pressures that affect organisations in the private sector are also affecting the public sector. For example, many public-sector organisations were suddenly faced with the same Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous environment while dealing with the Covid pandemic, similar to what private sector organisations have been facing with the rise of disruptive online competitors.

Increasingly, public…

We are very proud to share that our Senior Consultant in Sydney Priscilla Koukoui, has been named in the top 50 of Original Voices in XR as created by leading thought leader in this space, Avi Bar-Zeev.

Priscilla Koukoui (@Pri_op, Priscilla Koukoui) is founder of and an Emerging Tech Adventurer. She drives innovation in organizations by designing new ways of working and is our senior consultant at ADAPTOVATE in Sydney; XR & emerging technologies as Business solutions. She also crafts multi-sensory XR creative stories, focusing on emotional design in immersive environments. And she is an XRSI strategic global advisor helping to build a safer XR immersive world.

Congratulations Priscilla!

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The Back Story monthly interview features ADAPTOVATE employees from around the world. Each month we ask them 10 questions. Our team is the greatest asset we have, and it’s a privilege to share just a little bit more about who they are.

This month we are joined in conversation by Chris MacLeod, a senior consultant in our Sydney office.

First up — how long have you worked with us?

I joined in January of 2021.

Why did you join us? Were you in the industry previously, or looking for a new career direction?

I had been running my own digital marketing strategy consultancy since 2013, and completed an MBA here in Australia in 2018. Before that I’d been a restaurateur, active travel guide, English teacher, magazine editor and…

June 2021

You can read the full article here.

What benefits result when an organisation practices valuing diversity, equity, and inclusion?

When we first looked into writing this article, we needed to do a deeper dive into the basic difference between equality and equity. We understand what diversity and inclusion are of course. However, we still feel there needs to be further education with organisations around the term ‘equity’.

If an organisation wants to create an environment where employees feel valued, appreciated, and respected at the workplace, practicing diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) are paramount for success.


Equality is still…

Before we discuss four top traits for an Agile leader, first let’s discuss psychological safety. It’s the fundamental construct that all team members must have (Agile or not) and it starts with the foundations laid out by organisation leaders.


One of THE most important aspects of the modern leader (if not the most important) is to ensure team members feel they are working in a ‘psychologically safe’ team environment. What does this mean? Amy Edmondson from Harvard University, first established this construct in 1999 in her paper Psychological Safety and Learning Behaviour in…

Authored by Katy Hughes, Senior Consultant, Jian Lee, Associate,
Alex Rebkowski, Partner and Managing Director, ADAPTOVATE

Have you seen the benefits from piloting a few agile teams, but aren’t sure what’s next? This article outlines three benefits to businesses that have taken the plunge to transform into an Agile Operating Model:

  • Nimble customer focused teams provide the ability to pivot at scale
  • Flexible career paths engage and attract the best talent
  • Sustainable delivery and alignment across the organisation

Let’s explore…

Nimble customer focused teams provide the ability to pivot at scale

We often hear businesses talking about ‘customer focus’, but what does it really mean to…

May 2021

You can read the full article here.

Imagine a client conversation going something like this:

Client: “Now we’ve seen the impact on our large programmes of work, we’d like to see where else we can use agile.”

Consultant: “Sure, what do you have in mind?”

Client: “How about integrating an acquired business? Or consolidating our legal entities for efficiency? We need the transparency and autonomy brought about by agile in both cases.”

Arguably it was only a matter of time before the agile wave picked up post-merger integrations in its executional experience toolkit, because as you will…

April 2021

Read the whole article here:

When organisations start to look at Design Thinking and Agile implementations, there may be early confusion as to what the relationship between them is.

Don’t they both look at customer problems through the customer lens?

Yes, however one is about defining the problem/solution, and one is about optimising the solution value.

As Chris MacLeod, senior consultant in Australia says, “Design Thinking is a great tool for discovering what constitutes value to a particular customer or segment. …


Storytelling is at the heart of how we can move forward. Entertainment or corporate or real life. It all starts with stories. We bring Agile to life.

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